About us!!!



Street Artists Vienna is a self-managed artists platform.


All artists represented on this platform are trained artists and musicians, who are based in Vienna and performing internationally.


All artists manage their orders themselves.

There are no extras costs for organizers/bookers/festivals.


This platform was founded in 2016 by Kulturverein Compania Tétaté

What is performative streetart?

Performative art on the street/public spaces, is using a broad and interdisciplinary variety of performative artforms like circus, dance, theater or music to transform a public space into a theaterstage. Whereby a "stage" is a methaphor and will not be set up physically. A streetartist masters alongside the craft of artistic skills also technics like audience and space managment, audience interaction as well he and she is using a well developed tool box to improvise with distractions in public space.